Sunday, October 18, 2009

Introducing: The Juicer!

I am slowly growing to love Fall. Growing up, summer was such a whirl of hard labor and working at the family produce stand that we felt as though we didn't get a 'real' summer. And all fall meant was that winter is about to get here. Boo, hiss. Now though, I've been able to experience summer for all its worth, and by the time fall gets here, I'm ready for it. I have the time to really take in and savor some of the things fall brings. Like apples.

Here in upstate NY, apple orchards abound. In my family, buying apples means buying directly from the growers, which I love. I recently acquired a juicer from a friend (on loan) and when I discovered home made cider I was thrilled! Selling unpasteurized cider is no longer legal, (which annoys me NO end. Pasteurized can not even be COMPARED with the real thing.) so making our own seems like a good option! A bushel box like the one above costs $6, making it very affordable.

In case you every wondered what to do with all the giant pockets on the front of your apron, this picture illustrates their versatility! I fill my pockets with the apples we store in the unheated utility room, and carry them to the kitchen, bulging and laughing at myself.

And now, HERE it is! My (borrowed) industrial Champion juicer!

Oh, and that pitcher of heavenly foamy stuff is fresh cider; sweet, tangy, full of goodness and NOT pasteurized. It doesn't last long around here.

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